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Our lawyers are recognized experts, with unrivaled experience in the corporate sector. From the inception of our chambers, we have accrued the vision of providing services in full swing to a vast number of national and international organizations.

On the current wave of growing business expansion and the booming economic development across the globe, Bangladesh can in no way be thought and of course is not beyond the process. Whatever might be the exact calculation and the ground reality in the distribution of wealth and development, there is nothing denying that banking and other financial institutions are playing a pivotal role in boosting the economic growth and keeping it up in line with the current phenomena involving all the stakeholders from farmers in the rural area to influential businessmen in the capital. Pertinently, dealings in businesses inevitably generate complexities between the organizations and their clients that require a meaningful solution through legal process. To that end, having due regard to the demands and requirements of our esteemed clients, we have taken strains on our shoulders and accordingly have equipped our firm with experienced and efficient legal professionals having an in-depth understanding and requisite expertise in providing our clients with the services they need for both in litigation and documentation.    

The Legal Care, one of the top law-firms in the market, was established in 2006 by Mr Md. Kamruzzaman, who is a Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn, London) and an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. The broad-based popularity of the firm is for its unique and efficient service delivery to its valued clients. Principally, we are concentrated on serving corporate clients so as to let them feel comforts and conveniences leaving their headache on us to settle them in the best possible means. Other than the corporate clients, our areas of practice also revolve around other issues as including civil, criminal, service matter, admiralty jurisdiction and the list is set to continue. Therefore, our clients range from individuals and government institutions to corporate as well.

One of the cardinal features of the firm that attract our clients is experience, in-depth understanding and skill of blending between facts and law coupled with a sense of professionalism. They are in the so kind because we believe that most of the lawyers working with the firm have got their education and training from the reputed law schools/universities inside and outside Bangladesh. Further, they have gathered experiences and skills working in the leading law-firms. Our people are also experienced in vetting documents on title, agreements and contracts, verifying documents in the sub-registry offices, assisting in the registration formalities, obtaining license from the concerned institutions/organizations. This is not the least that our people are from varied background and therefore it has been easy for us to bring together a unique system uniting international expertise and domestic requirements that our clients do expect.

The firm equally treats all of its clients; individuals or corporate, national or international and feels satisfaction to serve all of them in a professional manner with prove commitment and sincerity. We are enlisted with 12 (twelve) banks and have been continuously rendering services to their branches. In addition to the banks, we are also serving institutions like Bangladesh Sericulture Board. Alongside the clients we have been working for, The Legal Care is in the way of stepping into other avenues of corporate sector as including the non-banking financial companies, large national and international corporations.

The firm, The Legal Care, is centered on delivering quick and efficient services, possibly with highest level of care, quality and perfection to its clients. We would also like to urge that ours is a law-firm that cares for its clients most and so, is ready over the clock to cater services on legal issues of any kind that help us garnering complete reliance of clients on us.


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